Family reunification

Foreigners with a given right to stay in Belgium can bring their partner and children with them from abroad. Such requests must meet a number of strict conditions.

Family reunion

The regroupant is the Belgium resident who invokes their right to live with their family. The regroupé is the family member living abroad hoping to join the Belgium resident. Depending on the Belgian resident’s nationality and their type of stay permit, different articles apply:

  • article 10 : for third-country nationals with an unlimited stay permit;
  • article 10a : for third-country nationals with a limited stay permit;
  • article 40a : citizens of the EU;
  • article 40b : Belgians.

Visa or Stay

An application for family reunification can be submitted via two ways:

  • Abroad: the resident submits an application for a family reunification visa from a diplomatic post or Belgian consular;
  • In Belgium: the family member requests a stay permit for family-related reasons in the local area (this is not allowed in every case).