Contact Myria

Do you have a question for Myria? You can contact us in confidence for free. No steps will be taken without your consent.

Do you need legal advice or information?

You can contact Myria for the following:

  • information about your legal rights
  • advice and help to determine what steps you wish to undertake
  • contacts with the competent authorities, your attorney or specialized partners

Call 32 (0)800 14 912

  • Monday: from 9h30 until 12h30
  • Thursday: from 9h30 until 12h30

Contact the free number for the adapted timetable during (public) holidays and due to exceptional circumstances.

Or fill in the form below.

You don't need legal advice or information but you want to contact Myria with a general enquiry?

Call our secretariat or send us an e-mail.

  • Address: Myria, Place Victor Horta 40, box 40, 1060 Saint-Gilles (Brussels)
  • Telefon: +32 (0)2 212 30 00
  • E-mail:

Call Centre

Myria provides information and legal advice on topics as:

  • family reunification procedures
  • free movement of EU citizens and their family members
  • registration at the municipality
  • detention and closed centres
  • return and repatriation
  • investigation into marriages of convenience or sham civil partnerships
  • access to the Belgian nationality and statelessness
  • file a complaint with the police and with the social inspection services for undocumented migrants
  • recuperation of unpaid salary of undocumented workers
  • banking services for migrants and what a person can do if they are refused a basic bank account

Our basic principles

  • Independence: Myria fulfils its responsibilities with total independence, which is guaranteed by different laws and European directives.
  • Ethical principles: Myria's labour regulations define respect, collaboration, responsibility and integrity as the core values that apply to all of its employees.
  • Respect for employees: Myria will not tolerate any form of aggressive behaviour, threatening attitudes, intimidation or provocation towards its employees.

How to get to Myria

On foot from Brussels Midi Station

From the Brussels Midi train station, follow the signs "1, Place Horta". Exit the station at the side of the  'Galerie Horta', using exit 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d or 1e. The building where Myria is located is right in front of you.

By bicycle

The bicycle station Villo ! « 053 – Gare du midi / Zuidstation » is accessible at the crossing between the ‘rue Ernest Blérot’ and the ‘rue de France’.

Several parking arches for bicycles ara available along the facade of the building and to the left when facing the building.

By public transport



De Lijn





Plan here your train trip on the SNCB website

By car

There are visitor parking spaces reserved in the public parking « Gare du Midi – Q-Park ». These places are situated on level -6, and are accessible via:

  • Entrance n°1: at the crossing of rue de l'Instruction and place Victor Horta, 1060 Saint-Gilles.
  • Entrance n°2: rue Ernest Blérot 1, 1060 Saint-Gilles.

You need assistance?

The building is accessible to people with disabilities: ground-level entrance, automatic door opening, lift service and adapted toilets are available.

Reasonable accommodations can be made to facilitate your access to the building (reserved parking space, accompaniment from the station...). Contact us on +32 (0)2 212 30 00 or via

A delivery?

All deliveries need to be made via the delivery bays located at Rue de l'Instruction 154, 1060 Saint-Gilles.